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A Safe Space

We provide a welcoming and inclusive space, where teenagers and young adults feel comfortable, listened-to, and at-home.

Our Hub is somewhere to feel safe – where they can come for support, recognition, relaxation and growth.

Outreach &


Our fully-trained staff provide guidance and support, reaching out to those who need it, and helping to curb destructive behaviour patterns.

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Education &


We provide support with mental health awareness and education to families, key members of the community and schools. 

Professional Counselling & Support

Engaging the services of specialist professionals, we have a bank of counsellors, therapists and psychologists that we work with, and we are able to make quick referrals where necessary.

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Emergency Accommodation

If required, we can provide a safe short-term emergency shelter, helping to reduce homelessness and runaways.

Buddy Mentoring Programmes

Our trained ‘buddies’ offer recognition and support to the young people that come our way. Being supported by those who have had similar experiences is proven to be hugely beneficial to a youth in crisis.

Therapy Session

Career advice & Counselling

For those wishing to enter the work-force or pursue further education, we work with experienced career counsellors who can help them figure out their next steps.

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