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A Safe Space

A safe space. An open inclusive space where our kids can feel comfortable, wanted and at home. A place that they feel safe to drop in to for support, reassurance, relaxation and growth.

Outreach &


Aliya trained staff provide positive guidance and support, catering for those who are suffering in life and reaching out to the youth before they fall to destructive behaviour patterns.

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Education &


Aliya spreads awareness and education to family and key members in the community and schooling systems.

Professional Counselling & Support

We engage the services of professionals and skilled people where necessary. We have a raft of professional counsellors, therapists, psychologists etc. available who specialise in these areas.

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Emergency Accommodation

As part of our services we provide emergency accommodation. Homelessness and teenage runaways are often a problem.

Buddy Mentoring Programmes

Support is often best by example.We have trained buddies, often people who have been through similar experiences who can act as a buddy or mentor to a youth in crisis.

Therapy Session

Career advice & Counselling

We provide career counselling and social support to individuals who have had a difficult background and want to enter the work force or pursue further education.