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The Youth Recovery Program in Memory of Moshe Dietsch A''H

On the 3rd of Adar Moshe Ben Menachem Mendel returned his soul to his maker , but not after leaving behind a tremendous impact on the lives of countless individuals, family , friends and many others that simply "crossed his path". Moshe like many  fought and won battles regularly but unlike many Moshe fought battles alongside anyone that he found to be struggling he took on their struggles as he would his own and is now responsible for what eventually became life changing encounters in many peoples lives . A person that has left the world a better place then he found it. Which is why we have chosen his legacy to build our recovery program on, directly reflecting everything Moshe stood and peace unconditionally for all.

Specialised Program

Given that there are problems with substance and alcohol abuse within the youth of the Jewish community, as with any other, we have created a specialised Adolescent Recovery Program.


Mainstream recovery programs or fellowships can be inaccessible to teenagers, and rehab is a luxury only afforded by few, so we have built a program based around the 12 Steps, that is geared specifically towards teenage needs and perspective.

Our Vision

We aim to break down the stigma around addiction support, by educating parents, community leaders and teachers about the roots of addiction and how to help addicts find peace within themselves.  Addressing that often, people struggling with addiction will come from a chaotic or traumatic family environment, is something that has to be faced.


We directly support the young people using the 12 Step principles, encouraging them to better manage their lives, thus reducing and ultimately stopping their substance abuse.


Our aim is for this program to be a well-used and well-known resource for anyone who needs it to be able to access.

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